Papple Gifts is taking a short break!

We at Papple Gifts are taking a short break as we await the arrival of our child, expected any day now via surrogacy!! 

it has been a very, very long path to this point that included the creation of Papple Gifts as a celebration of being parents to little Maia (4). It’s a joy that the last few baby vests I’ve created are for our new arrival. 

We’ve travelled over to Norwalk, Ohio for the upcoming birth and will be here for Thanksgiving too. There’s certainly a lot to be thankful for right now. 

For these reasons we are taking a short break as we prepare to welcome our new arrival. Please wish us luck and follow us on social media for updates on when we will be resuming making your favourite baby vests and T-shirt’s!! 

if you’d like to keep up with our journey so far follow @intendingirishmammy on Instagram!